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Rainforest tours Suriname

The two common tours:

- The 2 day tour with round tour through the districts towards our lodge on the Maratakka river or to the beautiful Bigi Pan lake 

Tour program
Depart Paramaribo at 07:00 with private bus & arrive back the next day around 19:00.


-The 3 day tour also through the various districts with one night stay at our Maratakka Lodge and one night at the Bigi Pan Lodge: departure will also be at 07:00 from Paramaribo and arrival back 3 days later at 19:00

Any other combination is available upon request so feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes.

These tours include freshly cooked breakfast, lunch & dinner

(excluded is breakfast the day of departure, dinner the day of return to the city: ice cold Parbo beer is sold at the Maratakka lodge)

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